Thursday, September 10, 2009

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SU Picasso Bio
One of Philly's finest. Songwriter/Artist Su Picasso began showing his talent at an early age. Known for his ability to take out an MC within 8 bars. He came from street battling to creating hit records, which was all a part of growth and development for the next superstar. Su gets his name from older MC's. They began by calling him “Suicide” because in a rap battle the only person that can take him out is himself. Also known as "Picasso" because he mentions that his flow is an art and he can paint a picture with a rhyme. He began to chase his dream when he realized that too many people believed in him, this became a motivation for him to reach his goal. Under the influence of major artist's such as Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Ryan Leslie, Su managed to take music to a new level. The 21 year old mixes Hip Hop with a little taste of Rock, Soul, and even Pop. He is "another walking bomb threat" as Cortez Simmons (producer) would say. As of right now Su Picasso is working very hard by showing his versatility in many ways. He does this by stepping outside of the box and challenging his skill by adapting to any type of music that's being thrown at him, he is also pursuing songwriting for specific singers. Su Picasso has left his mark in major parts of the city. Performing has always been a passion for this young artist, as he has made several Open Mic appearances, and has performed at numerous clubs and fashion shows in the City of Brotherly Love. The fashion shows would also promote the clothing line “Giagi Exclusives” that his Production Team put together. Not only has he been locally involved, he and his Full Volume crew have traveled all across the East Coast and showed some true lyrical talent. Su Picasso, the man behind the pen, he is a proven fact that Hip Hop is alive!

Tempted by SU Picasso ft. 5PM

Tempted - Su Picasso ft 5pm

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